Everything we do has an effect on the planet. Christopher Duquet has and will continue to seek out the most responsible business practices to minimize our impact on the environment and all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Christopher Duquet has always had an appreciation of the world around him. He has always been proud of the fact that goldsmiths and jewelers have, since the beginning of their craft, been the “original” recycling industry. The vast majority of the world’s gold has been recycled countless times.

Our “green” initiatives have been in place for years and include the use of recycled gold through the Harmony program at Hoover and Strong. All Harmony metals are 100% recycled and use no newly mined material at all.

Additionally, each gemstone is certified conflict free as part of an international monitoring system called the Kimberly Process, which was introduced by the United Nations to certify the origin of diamonds from sources that are free of conflict.

We will continue to encourage our suppliers and business partners to address environmental issues and fair trade sourcing to improve our industry’s performance at all levels of gemstone and metal processing.