The Carved Band Stack

The Carved Band Stack

The Carved Band Stack

The Carved Band Stack

The Details...

4 stacking rings, shown from top to bottom:
A narrow carved band ring. This ring has a unique “dragon skin” pattern motif that created a highly textured design.
A Vintage style diamond pave set eternity band ring with hand engraved pattern throughout.
A“dragon skin “ carved band ring in yellow gold. Medium width and unique in pattern.
Another Dragon skin design, this time wider and in platinum with a different carved pattern.

The Story...

This combination is all about the precious metals. We used highly textured bands as a unifying element where even the pavé set diamond band reads as an additional texture along the stack. Each ultra light band adds to the bold ‘dragon skin’ design which creates an interestingly bold visual effect. Here we stacked them to move in one direction, with the ‘scales’ of the bands facing one way but you can image how a new element can be added just by alternating the direction of the scales. As with many of our stacking ring combinations, you can eliminate one band or add a new diamond stacking band to create a new stack. Maybe a rose gold dragon skin band?

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