Hand Engraved 6 Prong Setting Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Hand Engraved 6 Prong Setting Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Hand Engraved 6 Prong Setting Diamond | Vintage Elegance Engagement Rings by Christopher Duquet

The Details...

Round brilliant diamond in a 6 prong setting with scattered diamond accents and hand engraving on a narrow domed band.

The Story...

This vintage engagement ring design is both a timeless and contemporary retro “in the moment” it ring. The reason is the that it possesses the perfect proportions and has a unique and timeless pattern to the design. The combination of hand engraving and tiny diamond accents make this ring an intricate and feminine classic. The hand engraving adds a level of detail that is impossible to achieve any other way. Hand engraving is undoubtedly an art form that is in danger of extinction. Truly great hand engravers are few and far between. We are fortunate to have been working with the same engraver for over 20 years and hope that he will be with us as long as he can because he is irreplaceable. Imagine carving the details of an intricate pattern in metal with nothing but a steel tool. It is an amazingly specialized skill, and it takes years of practice to get even remotely competent. Even with all the technology that we have at our disposal, hand engraving is impossible to reproduce by any other means. When you see it in person you can really see the subtle and beautifully delicate effect it gives a vintage design. We love to incorporate true hand engraving in our vintage engagement ring designs because it is a truly original technique that was used in many of the antique rings that were created in the turn of the century and serve as our inspiration today.

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