Moonstone White Gold Harlequin Ring

Moonstone White Gold Harlequin Ring

Moonstone White Gold Harlequin Ring

Moonstone White Gold Harlequin Ring

The Story

This oval cabochon moonstone has a captivatingly beautiful blue sheen, or adularescence. The color and shade of this gemstone tell us it’s from southern India, a location that’s well known for producing high quality moonstones. This one in particular is just gorgeous and exactly what we look for when selecting a moonstone, and the cabochon is the best cut to highlight its phenomenal sheen. We designed the ring in white gold in a way that would showcase this gemstone fully, keeping the bezel setting low, which almost dissolves into the color of the stone. The band design is a modified harlequin pattern, Christopher’s latest exploration of shapes and patterns. The pattern itself is executed as a solid shape. It’s done in low relief so that the polished harlequin pattern stands out against its background. The recessed element has a linear design, which gives a decorative texture and color. As it tapers towards the bottom of the shank, the pattern narrows with it, which adds another mesmerizing visual effect to the entire piece. The harlequin shapes narrow as they reach the bottom of the shank, which elongates the band as it reaches the bottom.

Price and Details

Starting at $2,650

Shown here in 14K white gold with a 4.18 ct oval cabochon moonstone.

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