Round Brilliant Ruby Ring with Diamond Bullets

Round Brilliant Ruby Ring with Diamond Bullets Alternative Engagement Rings Collection by Christopher Duquet

Round Brilliant Ruby Ring with Diamond Bullets

The Details...

A beautiful cherry red Ruby center stone is flanked by uniquely cut diamond bullets in a classical style engagement ring with an alternative ruby gemstone in the center.

The Story...

This Ruby engagement ring is a mid-century classic. It’s just as classic in one regard and completely unexpected in another. Ruby is the ultimate red gemstone. There is no finer red and one could argue that there is no finer red gemstone in the world. Ruby ranges in color from deep saturated “pigeon’s blood” red to nearly pink or magenta. Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum. Any other color corundum is sapphire. This makes ruby much rarer than sapphire and as such more valuable. Ruby, like sapphire, is a 9 in hardness so it is an ideal stone for almost any application in jewelry, especially an alternative color engagement ring.

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