Warranty Statement

Everything we make at Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry Design is guaranteed to thoroughly delight and exceed your expectations. 

Lifetime Service

Free cleaning, polishing , stone setting checkups, and minor adjustments, for life.

Guaranteed Craftsmanship

We also guarantee the craftsmanship of our work. In other words, the jewelry will last for many years and more likely many decades. The stones will stay in their mountings - under normal and reasonable  wear and tear. As long as you let us check the settings at least once a year and there is no damage to the settings we will replace any lost stones. We cannot cover damage or negligence, and must be able to maintain the pieces on at least a yearly basis. Work done on our pieces by any other person or organization will void the warranty. 

Repair & Maintenance

We are happy to repair and maintain jewelry that we did not make as well. We stand by all our work and will do a free inspection and estimate for any restoration or repair work you may need. In addition to repair and maintenance, we can restyle your jewelry to give it a fresh look or to personalize an heirloom gemstone.

Visit Our Showroom

Come to our studio in Evanston, Illinois to explore our showroom, meet the team, and learn about our custom jewelry design process.