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Everyone is different and there are lots of different ideas, but you should do your research, be informed, and choose an expert in the field as your advisor. There are a few things to keep in mind as a consumer to ensure that you are receiving the best diamond for your price range and personal style. Do you go towards a rough cut or black diamond because it’s on trend? Do you think about long-term investment value or is this purely an aesthetic decision? Is it better to buy a natural diamond vs. a lab-grown or synthetic diamond? All good considerations, and should be taken into account, as well as what diamond cut fits best with the design of your engagement ring.

Let’s start with the basics...

Diamond Cuts

Choosing the diamond cut is one of the most important steps in selecting a diamond.

There are also different 'makes' or proportions of each cutting style. Choose the shape of the diamond that you like as one your first decisions and then you can go on to choose the size and quality of the diamond to fit your aspirations and budget.

A candid conversation about style and budget with our experts will be an excellent way to get you started in the right direction. As graduate gemologists, we can explain the pricing structure of diamonds which is based on market supply and demand of sizes and qualities. We can give you insight into the differences in diamond quality, what to look for and what to avoid. It's important to understand diamond quality so that you can achieve the best value for your purchase.


As Independent Diamond Brokers, You can Expect Integrity and Expertise

By the time we meet with you, you may already have a good idea of what you’re looking for and we can help pin down your optimal diamond. Being independent diamond brokers puts us in a position to provide you with honest and expert advice on selecting a diamond. We don’t have any other agenda, except to make you happy with your diamond selection. We have two gemologists on staff that specialize in gemstones and diamonds that are also expert jewelry designers. This means that we provide you with unbiased guidance as independent diamond brokers with no allegiance to a particular supplier. Think of us as your personal diamond concierge service where we have access to the entire market to guarantee the most beautiful diamond at the best price.

Natural Diamonds vs Lab Grown Diamonds vs Gemstones

With the innovations in technology has made synthetic or lab-grown diamonds more accessible and of higher quality than their predecessors. While natural diamonds remain by far the most popular choice, we are able to offer diamond alternatives for engagement rings that have both quality and color.  Our expert gemologists work closely with you to select the option based your engagement ring design and personal aesthetic. To learn more about the differences between natural and synthetic diamonds read our article, "The NEW Diamond Engagement Ring: Natural vs. Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Gemstones"→

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We can provide every service you will need to make the perfect ring, including organizing your diamond search, custom designing and creating your new piece, and appraisal services to help you ensure the final project.

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Our diamond experts can guide you to find the diamond or gemstone that will be the best fit based on style, cut, color, and value. You can begin by scheduling a consultation to speak with one of our expert gemologists directly.

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