Conflict Free Diamonds

Everything we do has an effect on the planet. Christopher Duquet has and will continue to seek out the most responsible business practices to minimize our impact on the environment and all of Earth’s inhabitants.

We are part of the Kimberly Process.  It is an international certification scheme that was introduced by the United Nations in December of 2000 to monitor the trade of diamonds. Every diamond we work with has to meet an extensive list of requirements to ensure it comes from a "conflict-free" source. Once the diamonds have been certified they can be legally traded by members of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.

We believe strongly in this cause and have a relationship with everyone we work with to ensure they are part of this ethical process.  Go to the Kimberly Process website to learn more about their efforts to lessen the flow of conflict diamonds in the jewelry industry.


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Our diamond experts can guide you to find the diamond or gemstone that will be the best fit based on style, cut, color, and value. You can begin by scheduling a consultation to speak with one of our expert gemologists directly.

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