Engagement Ring Guide

Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming experience. It can also be very fun and exciting one. The tricks to making finding the right engagement ring an enjoyable and memorable experience are intuitive but should be prioritized to be successful.


Go With What You Know

It seems obvious, but it is easily forgotten in the excitement. If you have a good idea of what you would like, then, by all means, proceed in that direction. Be sure to keep your partner’s wishes in mind. Some “advisors” can be strongly influential, so be careful not to give anyone else too much importance (other than you're intended of course). If you so need more input, bring in someone who knows your significant other very well. A sister or a good friend can often be a source of great insight. Don’t ask too many people for their input or you will likely be overwhelmed with conflicting opinions. Don’t be afraid to make the big decisions as you see them, and be confident that you can be happy with the right call.

Have A Time Frame

If you are not in a hurry and there is no particular time frame for your proposal, you may not be ready to pull the trigger. Only you can know when you are ready, and you will, so don’t worry about getting a ring before you feel the time is right. You don’t want to wait to the last minute either, or you will severely limit your options. Most custom made ring projects take a few weeks to make, so plan accordingly.

Establish A Budget

Be sure to establish a budget or a budget range that you are comfortable with. If you don’t know what you are willing to invest, it is much harder to understand your choices and achieve your aspirations. Don’t overspend and put yourself in a financial hole, and don’t underspend because you will always wonder if you could have done better. Be honest with yourself and your goals and everything will be more enjoyable.

Make It Romantic!

There are lots of details and plenty to think about, but at the end of the day it is about your love and wishes to make someone else happy. Giving an engagement ring is a wonderful way to express your love and commitment. Make your ring an expression of your love, and make your presentation heartfelt and memorable. And don’t worry, you’ll do fine!

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