The NEW Diamond Engagement Ring: Natural Diamond vs Lab Grown Diamonds vs Gemstones

by Alejandra

Natural vs. Synthetic Diamonds


With so many new diamond options available for engagement rings, we find ourselves being able to provide our customers with a few more options when we helps them pick the best diamond for their engagement rings. As expert gemologists, we are fully aware of the value and long-term investment benefits of a natural diamond engagement ring but can also help navigate the questions that couples have when it comes to alternative engagement rings and synthetic diamonds for their rings.


Let's get started with Natural Diamonds

Natural Diamonds and Precious Gemstones for Engagement Rings Increase In Value Over Time

The overall primarily natural diamond market still remains essentially unchanged by lab-grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are a small percentage of the overall diamond engagement ring market. Fine quality, natural diamond single stones have remained stable in value and popularity in today's market. 

Natural gemstones have remained rare and valuable even as synthetic gemstones have been created in every type and kind. Fine quality natural gemstones are inherently rare, and no more can be made in our lifetime, so they will always be more valuable and desirable than lab-grown diamond alternatives. There are other arguments for using synthetics, but the cache of natural/genuine diamonds from the earth will always be compelling and meaningful.

Because they are rare, natural diamonds and gemstones will always maintain and increase their value over time. Lab grown diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds but will lose value as time goes on and as less expensive and more efficient methods of production are developed. 

Lab Grown (Synthetic) and Natural Diamonds for Engagement Rings and Jewelry

Times have changed and there is a new range of choices for Diamond engagement rings that never even existed until quite recently. With the advent of new technology and discovery, the process to make lab grown diamonds has become less expensive and the results are higher quality. Both cost and quality have hindered the production and use of synthetic diamonds in fine jewelry in the past, but that is no longer an obstacle and the new reality is that synthetic, or lab grown diamonds are available to anyone at a reasonable price.

Synthetic Diamonds

What Exactly Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds have been manufactured for industrial use for decades. The process, pioneered by General Electric decades ago, was expensive and did not produce gemstones suitable for jewelry. Lab grown diamonds for industrial use are a mineral compound and appear gravel-like. However, new technology and discovery have made synthetic diamonds less expensive and higher quality than their predecessors. Manufacturers are now able to produce whiter and cleaner gemstones consistently.

Find The Right Diamond

Picking the right diamond takes a bit of education and expertise. Our expert gemologists can help you choose the right diamond for your engagement ring. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.


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