October’s other birthstone: Tourmaline

If your birthday is in October you probably know that your birthstone is Opal. It is also Tourmaline, which is often described as the “alternate” birthstone. Both types of stones are available in a nearly infinite variety of sizes shapes and colors, and are very different from each other in character.

Tourmaline comes in a wide range of colors including the most iconic colors of greens and pinks. There are other colors available as well including blues and reds and yellows, even rarely black and colorless. Tourmalines can be multicolored even within the same gemstone. Tourmalines are also found in a variety of locations. Brazil, Africa, even the United States has deposits of tourmaline in Maine and California.

Tourmaline is a hardy and durable gemstone at 7 to 7.5 in hardness with good toughness. It is not generally used in Bridal applications which require extreme hardness, but is appropriate for almost any other application. Tourmalines are generally, with a few rare exceptions also one of the best bargains in the gem-world. Beautiful gems can be found for a few hundred dollars per carat that rival many more expense stones in size and beauty.

At Christopher Duquet’s Jewelry Studio Tourmaline is a favorite of Christopher’s and all the designers on staff. Tourmaline rings, Earrings and pendants all share spots in the collections that Christopher and his team have created. Other loose tourmalines are waiting patiently for the right project and their chance to shine... 

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