Oval Lapis Lazuli White Gold Harlequin Ring

Oval Lapis Lazuli White Gold Harlequin Ring

Oval Lapis Lazuli White Gold Harlequin Ring

Oval Lapis Lazuli White Gold Harlequin Ring

The Story

The Gemstone

This gemstone is truly stunning. It’s a one-of-a-kind, oval lapis lazuli with streaks of pyrite that gives it a 3-dimensional mystical quality. It has that gorgeous blue, which is what you see in the ones mined in Afghanistan’s mountainous region. These gemstones are very difficult to prospect. Miners have to do this by hand in extreme conditions, thus its rarity.
For centuries, lapis lazuli has been highly coveted. They were widely used for jewelry in ancient Egypt and Babylon. It was the source of the blue paint used in medieval masterpieces and was even used in sculptures throughout history. Because it was considered a royal color, it was highly sought after and very expensive. The finer the color, the rarer the material.

The Design

The unique harlequin-inspired design has an intricate pattern created in CAD (computer aided design) that allows us to make positive and negative spaces incredibly uniform. The pattern that results is almost an optical illusion where, depending on how the pattern hits the light, your eye focuses on the negative or positive shapes. As it descends in size, the pattern gets even more intricate and interesting, narrowing as it disappears along the bottom of the ring finger. The recessed pattern is sand-blasted and oxidized to make it even more dramatic. The dark stands out yet is balanced against the beautiful blue lapis, a fitting design for this one of a kind gem.


Price and Details

Starting at $2,195

Shown here in 14K white gold with a 8.48 carat oval lapis lazuli.

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