How to Design Necklaces that Focus on Natural Beauty

by Alejandra

How to Design Necklaces that Focus on Natural Beauty Blog Banner

As with any new design endeavor, we begin with the basics: what is a necklace?

Necklaces are elegant pieces of jewelry that, when done well, truly respect the body. The best necklaces are flattering: They draw attention toward the face, framing it with loving proportions and careful attention to detail. A good necklace complements its wearer’s features. 

My architectural approach to jewelry design: engineering meets beauty and artistry.

Necklaces—and pendants in particular—should focus the eye and effortlessly hold the viewer’s attention. When I design a necklace, I keep all of this in mind. I view the process as both an architecture and a miniature engineering problem. Both approaches come together to create truly stunning pieces to be worn for all occasions. My main design goal is to make artful and imaginative necklaces that augment the wearer’s natural beauty.

When it comes to fashion, what is trending in necklaces?

To me, that’s irrelevant. I focus on a classic approach that transcends.

This moment in time happens to be a cyclical one in jewelry fashion. The focus is on delicate and interesting neckwear—and these classic styles hold up because they can be so elegant. Many of my newest designs make subtle and delicate statement pieces incorporating diffused patterns as well as decadent pendants and unique, hand-selected centerstones. 

My focus is to create a necklace that connects with the wearer.

Necklaces also offer a unique opportunity for meaningful, memorable adornment. Over the years, I have made symbols of clan, reliquaries, and so many other sentimental amulets. Wearing an adornment like this can lend a sense of comfort to the wearer by quietly alluding to something they care about. I personally wear the Saint Christopher’s Medal I received as a child. It does bring me comfort to have the Saint of Travelers with me wherever I go. 

I see no reason why our personal embellishment should not be artful as well. To me, fine jewelry is meant to reach viewers and wearers alike in a meaningful way. At the very least, a necklace can be decorative and fashionable. At its best, it can be a high-glamour fashion statement with true meaning. Anyway, the neck is such a beautiful, sensual part of the body—it only makes sense to dress it up.

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