Snowflakes Collection The Story

by Alejandra

Snowflakes Diamond Jewelry Collection


This collection was inspired by the infinite and unpredictable forms that water can take when it crystallizes in the air. Always familiar but never exactly the same, snowflakes are mystical and mesmerizing. A fresh snowfall is a natural kaleidoscope, abundant in its shimmer and spontaneous geometry.


My designs are often mathematical in many ways—but they’re also inspired by the energies of nature. In the Snowflakes Collection, that energy is transformed. There’s a great and mysterious moment when water turns into snow. Energy is released in the freezing, instantaneously rearranging the molecules into a completely different form. It’s so magical that we never personally witness this natural phenomenon, and yet snowflakes fall before our eyes.

Here you can see how a representation of Northern Lights to the most recognizable snowflake shapes can be unique as we used different jewelry techniques to achieve each unique design. If you look closely at the ring you will notice that even the placement of the prongs that hold the diamonds in place are positioned to make the diamonds look crystallized.


From nondescript liquid to crystalline uniqueness in an instant. Snowflakes are fleeting geometric entities that have only moments of life. Snowflakes are so fragile that they exist almost in our imagination. Too fragile to hold, transient by nature, and compelling in their infinite variety.

As I progressed into this exploration, I found myself designing concepts of snowflakes in movement. Here you see three such designs that are elongated and use individual snowflakes in a stylized design. From single drop earrings to cascading couture diamond earrings. Our Falling Snow Diamond Snowflake necklace in and of itself is a visual representation of snow falling and landing onto the neckline, hanging softly and elegantly along lines of white gold on base of the neck.

I’m an engineer and an artist—I love taking the energy of nature and translating it into a geometry that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. Creating this collection was a compelling challenge. I wanted to take the fleeting nature of snowflakes away, so only the beauty remained, frozen in time. I wanted to design a collection that alluded to snowflakes, but in an original way, without the cliches of traditional symbolism. Sometimes the patterns that appear in a design are totally distinct, but sometimes they intertwine and overlap. It’s a realm of infinite possibility, just like the realm of snow itself.


For some of us, snow is unwelcome and cold, but for others it is beauty and lightness falling from the sky.
Each and every snowfall is different—whether you find joy in the big, fluffy flakes or in the delicate sparkle of fresh powder. Can you imagine catching one on your tongue right now? Embracing the snow is like being a kid again.

Some of the earrings and necklaces in our collection are pure and elegant in their simplicity. Our snowball series uses diamonds in clusters, close together to create a play of light much like compacted snow. It’s elegant and expertly designed to maximize this effect, each diamond hand set to fit perfectly into the overall pattern.

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