One of a Kind Jewelry Originals

by Alejandra


Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

Wildflower seeds thrown into a bare garden will eventually sprout. As they grow, random patterns will emerge—shapes born of sunlight and colors fed from the earth. Any creator who spends time contemplating the uncontrived arts of nature will traverse a universe of creative possibility all their own and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Working with Nature

Change is unavoidable in the progression of time, so the pieces in this gallery won’t always be the same. Although sometimes similarities can be seen, every iteration of these works and ideas will be completely unique, just like every generation of flowers is different from the last. Themes will be detected over time because I, like all artists, am captivated by and fixated on certain beautiful ideas. For example, each of these designs featuring our signature dragon skin patterns is fiery and luminous, yet no two are exactly alike.

The Best Raw Materials on Earth

Each and every gemstone in my studio is hand-selected. The result is a beautifully curated gallery of top tier raw materials, where our love of beauty is evident and there is space for the appreciation of nature’s strange order to come through in our pieces. As a gemologist with a few decades’ experience, one thing I know for sure is that even if your design is completely experimental, it is hard to fail when your raw materials are so divine!

Designs that Satisfy

Each of the designs in this gallery is truly One of a Kind. They pay homage to and take inspiration from history, but do not repeat it. They can never be reproduced exactly in the future. No one else can, and I don’t want to. My passion is continuously creating new designs that pique your interest and desire, to create versatile and unique pieces that suit every style. My joy lies in creating fresh and relevant designs that speak to and satisfy the most basic human instinct: to adorn ourselves.

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We specialize in making custom jewelry and engagement rings using raw materials or using an inherited gemstone to redesign in our Restyle Design Services. Whether you have a style in mind or need a bit of guidance, our designers take you through the process step by step and create one of a kind pieces that last a lifetime.

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Duquet's. The craftsmanship of every piece in the store is the finest I've seen anywhere. The staff at the store are warm, friendly, attentive, intelligent, and knowledgeable about their field. The are personally invested in their customers, and it is a joy to walk into the store every time. If you plan to purchase a piece of fine jewelry, there is really no other place to go. – Naomi W.

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