Secret Garden — Jewelry Collection

by Alejandra

Secret Garden Collection

Timeless by Design

There are places that can be found that are a refuge from the “goings on“ of life. They are often secluded — sometimes in plain sight, sometimes not.

Many of us have taken time recently to be outdoors and to take refuge in nature. In fact, many of my favorite places are in the forest or mountains (sometimes in my own backyard). Some say a secret garden can be elsewhere all together. Not a place in this physical world but a place in one’s heart.

The Collection—My Personal Connection to Nature

The designs in this Secret Garden are from my heart. They are timeless reminders of nature’s hold over us and our comfort to feel the caress of the universe. The curvilinear lines of nature inspired this collection, and the connection to places of peace and tranquility gave it special meaning.

Side Details
Secret Garden Pass By Vine Ring
Front View
Secret Garden Windblown Tendril and Vine Ring

The secret garden can be a literal garden, a place of beauty and serenity that can hold an almost magical power to replenish the spirit and renew the soul. Or it can be an object that inspires and reminds us of our connection to nature. The beauty of nature — and art — can be transformative. As an art form, jewelry has the power to bestow beauty upon the wearer and adds symbolic meaning without saying a word.

Let these patterns of nature take you to a secret garden of your own. I hope you find these tiny creations medicine for the soul and delights for the imagination.

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