Something New (For a New Year)

by Christopher Duquet

This is the first blog in a long overdue series that will be our latest and greatest creations and stories, thoughts, or otherwise.

So for the brand new year we hit the refresh button and came up with a new design collection which is both an evolution of form and style, but also a revolution in technology and approach. We set out to create a design that had a pattern holding a gemstone that was more than just functional but aesthetically interesting and functional. After some experimentation we discovered that actually building the design around the center stone using CAD/CAM and digital imaging allowed us to make an exact fit for the gem which we could then assemble and laser weld the stone in place. This is fundamentally different than the traditional way of making jewelry in that the stone is usually set in place by cutting and forming the metal, as no other option existed with torch welding, which was the technology of the last and previous centuries. No we have a digitally designed, extremely light, extremely strong, and beautiful design that compliments the stone and follows its exact dimensions. Cool!

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