Christopher Duquet Men’s Rings Collection Chicago Style

The Men’s Ring Collection—Chicago Style

by Edith Perez

Mens Ring Collection Chicago Style

My Inspiration on Designing Men’s Jewelry: Strength, Purpose and Chicago

I find it a lot more challenging to design jewelry for men than for women—and I’d be willing to bet that many other fine jewelry designers feel the same way. The traditionally masculine image is one of strength and purpose. It doesn't necessarily include style or grace. Yet, in my experience, men are almost universally interested, if not obsessed, with their appearance. It’s what I see as I walk the streets of Chicago, and it’s what inspired me to create my new line of men’s rings.

Until recently, most jewelry has been designed for women, but made by men. We seem to be striking a new balance now: more women are designing jewelry, albeit still mostly for women. Masculinity is just not the focus of most of the jewelry trade… but it wasn't always this way.

A Brief History of Men’s Jewelry

In the animal kingdom, it's very common that the male of a species is more colorful and dramatic than his female counterpart. Similarly, it was once common for human men to adorn themselves. Ancient royals from many traditions used to demonstrate their wealth and power with opulent displays of jewelry and decoration. One fantastic example is the historical Maharajas of India in their formal attire.

Over the centuries, men’s styles have become more and more conservative and subdued. Midwestern American men’s fashion might even be the prime example. However, within those parameters of what is considered normal and fashionable, there is still space for creativity and expression.

Men’s rings should be durable and masculine, not boring.

Men’s jewelry should be masculine in nature and subtle in execution. Most men appreciate style and want to be an individual. The trick to achieving this? Bend the rules a little bit. Overdo it, and the result is ostentatious. Underdo it, and the look is boring.

When it comes to men’s rings, it’s all about craftsmanship and balance.

When I design men's jewelry, I aim to strike the perfect balance. The ideal piece is constructed from precious materials, yet remains durable. It is practical and appropriate for wear while also displaying expert craftsmanship. It is visually pleasing, stimulates the wearer’s imagination, and is understated enough that it does not overbear.

My new collection of rings for gents resonates with strength and style. Each piece is a unique and subtle statement of individuality. The collection includes wedding bands and men's rings that will bring unexpected yet enduring aesthetic architectures to the wearer’s style.

Men’s Signet Rings: Timeless and Modern Alike

I have also added a few signet rings and dress rings with colored gemstones to the collection—the rarest elements of men’s jewelry. These timeless pieces are traditional in nature, but modern in scale and style. Today, signet rings are making a comeback. Individuals of high status—like the English royal family—don them, sometimes even as an alternative to traditional wedding bands.

Signet rings include symbols or images that open up unique opportunities to add meaning to your jewelry in a way that no other accessory can. Each piece is custom made to the specifications of its wearer.

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I recently purchased an engagement ring for my, now, fiance and I couldn't be happier with the process and service. I visited quite a few places and in the end it came down to three things: the ability to customize the designs, a comfortable & friendly atmosphere, and the potential for establishing a long lasting relationship. Christopher Duquet Jewelry met and exceeded all my expectations and I/we couldn't be happier. Like most guys, I did not know very much about jewelry design or the process of buying an engagement ring. I needed to find a place that would take me step by step through the process and offer a certain level of education along the way. Villi, Terryn and Christopher provided all that and more. They are immensely talented designers and very knowledgeable. In addition, they are very tech savvy and were able to generate 3D renderings that made the design process far more interactive than I originally anticipated. Bottom line, Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry offers excellence in design with the highest level of industry knowledge, all of that provided to you by a group of excellent people using contemporary means of design and communication. I am looking forward to my next purchase. —Jasenko B.

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