Restyling Jewelry

Restyling jewelry is a centuries-old pastime. Important gemstones have been documented to have been repurposed since medieval times. A time-honored tradition, restyling using your old gemstones and precious metals allows you to restore the value of your materials. Reusing your gems is the best way to retain their value both financially and sentimentally. Recycling your precious metals is environmentally friendly and just makes sense. In fact, most of the world’s current gold supply has been recycled! By updating the design and making the new pieces relevant again, you are keeping the sentiment of your precious jewelry while creating a new piece that fits your style.

Bespoke Diamond Pendant... Inspired by the Art Deco Movement

This piece began with a few heirloom pieces that a customer brought in. She wanted to bring new life into the precious gemstones with an original jewelry design that felt more personal and matched her style. A few sketches later we began creating her new diamond pendant, a showstopper piece with Art Deco-inspired details and compliments the shapes of her diamonds.



A Designer's Approach

We have been restyling jewelry for decades… custom design is our specialty.  We are experts at restyling jewelry and can reset any of your family heirlooms or out-of-style jewelry into new designs. Our designers will work with you to create unique pieces that tailor to your specifications. Whether you have a design in mind or allow us to come up with a new concept, the end result is breathtaking. We approach restyle as we do with any of our creations, with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our Step by Step Process



Bring in your old jewelry, old metal, or old gemstones for a FREE evaluation and consultation. We’ll test everything and give you ideas how to repurpose your materials. If you have ideas we’ll work with you to fine tune and adapt your material to the new concept. If you don’t have clear ideas we’ll help you come up with the best way to make something new from something old! We have many pieces in the store for inspiration and lots of experience and ideas on how to create a new heirloom.


Step 2

We’ll draw your design ideas in pencil and then in a CAD (Computer Aided Drawing). Then we can illustrate the drawings and email them to you for approval.



We’ll use the CAD model to 3D print a wax model of whatever we want to make.




We will then use that wax to invest (see casting video) and cast in metal. The design remains exactly the same throughout these processes.


Once the ring is cast we will continue to complete the project by setting gemstones in place and adding any engraving if called for. We take great care in finishing every piece beautifully. We will Quality control every project to be sure it is perfect, and appraise the finished piece for insurance when appropriate.

Step 6

Restyle Diamond Ring Christopher Duquet Work Bench

Each piece is guaranteed to delight. We rest our reputation on our work and on our service. Bring in any of our creations for a complimentary cleaning and check up anytime.

Let's get started

Our mission is to make designing your custom jewelry an exciting and enjoyable experience. We love making jewelry but it's our communication skills that are the most important. We listen, and guide with sensitivity to your style and personality.

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