What’s The Difference Between Antique Wedding Rings Versus Retro And Vintage Engagement Rings?

by Christopher Duquet

Both of these terms: “antique” and “vintage” are used commonly throughout Chicago, and elsewhere throughout the United States. They are interchangeable to most people, but they are actually more specific than we generally recognize. The word antique refers to something that is old, or commonly understood to be older than is currently in use today. Vintage on the other hand is more openly an older style or heritage. “Vintage” can refer to an antique or the word can describe a new work as having an older style or design.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage style can further describe periods of art or design that are distinct and different from each other. Some currently more popular vintage styles include Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Edwardian. “Retro” is another word that can be used to refer to styles that are made with reference to a previously popular design. Many current designers produce work that is both vintage in style and retro in nature.

As a designer, I myself make a range of work that includes retro and vintage ring design. The hallmarks of vintage design that are in common practice today: a more delicate and intricate design style that includes piercing, filigree, engraving, and small stone accents. Some of the best diamond engagement rings in Chicago come from vintage style/designs.

Modern technology has greatly helped compensate for what were highly skilled craftsman, spending extreme lengths of time producing the original designs of past periods. Computer Aided Design (CAD) has allowed jewelry designers to produce extremely detailed and intricate designs in the vintage style (as well as other styles) with incredible accuracy of detail and in a cost effective manner.

Today’s vintage style designs are extending and recreating the design aesthetic into new hybrids of retro/modern creations. Blending old ideas with new tools and techniques has made possible an array of beautiful work from a variety of artists and designers.

Here are a few examples of custom-made vintage style fine jewelry designs that have recently been made.

Vintage Style “Frame” Ring Vintage Style Compass Pendant Vintage Style Ruby Ring

Vintage Style “Frame” Ring     |     Vintage Style Compass Pendant     |     Vintage Style Ruby Ring

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