Chicago Gem Laboratory PGS

by Christopher Duquet
This is a blog that I would like to share that highlights some of the resources that we have found so helpful in our business of making jewelry. There are so many great businesses and organizations in our field that have services and products that are really valuable and stand out as resources that are helpful to anyone in need.

I’ll start with the Chicago Gem Laboratory PGS; Professional Gem Sciences (

These folks are knowledgeable, professional, and just plain nice. They can provide independent appraisals and evaluations quickly, reasonably, and are unbiased in their opinions. They are located in the heart of the Jewelry district at 5 South Wabash and do a lot of work for both individuals and the “trade,” so you know they’re great. I myself am a graduate gemologist with many years of experience and when I’m at a loss to identify something exotic, this is where I go (one of the staff is even an expert in ancient artifacts.) Trust is a hard commodity to come by these days, but I would trust this team with anything.


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