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by Alejandra

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A Jewelry Collection Derived from The Architecture Of Cities Around The Globe

Architecture has always held my fascination. The grandeur of majestic skyscrapers and their beautiful details delight my imagination. My newest collection of designer jewelry is a distillation of architectural designs from other places and times. I love the precise mathematical proportions and balance that my inspiration is created from. Each new piece is inspired by a particular location and is unique to that specific time and culture. From Kyoto to Barcelona, London to Chicago, each piece of my new collection was inspired from a place that has a special personality and approach to design and style.

Each city has its unique inspiration and is an homage to specific places I have traveled. From the street lights and lampposts of Chicago to the Mid-century modern ornamentation of European cities, each piece channels the unique characteristics of each city. Translated from different worlds to a scale of body ornament, the Alchemy of imagination and whimsey of this new collection is meant to transport the wearer through the looking glass and capture the magic of the original structure.

Cities & Lights, A Collection

This inspired and worldly collection of jewelry is called “Cities & Lights”. These miniature works embody the greatness of human construction and technology from their respective grandiose origins. Each creation encompasses the spirit of each building with incredible attention to the tiniest details. The designs are about form and scale and the precise, mathematical spatial relationships of positive and negative space with additions of diamonds and gemstones that interact with the light just as city lights interact with the night sky. 

The architectural forms translate beautifully to a distilled and miniaturized scale that is perfect for fine jewelry. This collection is delicate, precise and bold in its goal of transporting the viewer to a different point of reference all over the world.

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