Environmentally Friendly Engagement Rings and Jewelry Design in Chicago

Eco-Friendly Jewelry, Reuse Refresh

Environmentally Friendly Jewelry in Chicago, a Jeweler's Tradition

Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Design is a hot topic in Chicago. We live in a city that has a plastic bag ban with lots of beautiful parks and green spaces, bike lanes and divvy stations. Even our lawmakers understand Chicagoans are into the environment and have given us tax incentives for purchasing environmentally friendly products to your home and driving eco-friendly vehicles. The environment is important to everyone, consumers and jewelers alike. We all want to do our best to sustain the earth and there are lots of ways of making jewelry that makes less of an impact on our environment. 


History of Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

Fine Jewelry designers have been concerned with this subject in many different ways, for a very long time. Jewelers were, in fact, one of the very first trades to recycle. Recycling is a universally recognized practice and every fine jeweler recycles their precious materials because it is not only environmentally responsible, it is economically essential. No one in the trade throws away gold and diamonds. The only thing better than recycling is reuse. Custom Jewelers and Goldsmiths like us are all about reuse. In fact, reuse is one of our specialties because we can use our creativity and jewelry making skills to Restyle old jewelry to create fresh looks from unused or outdated jewelry. 

Repurposing Gold, an essential step in our process to recycle gold for a new jewelry design

Recycling Gemstones and Diamonds, an Ancient Tradition

Most of the worlds diamonds and the vast majority of the world's gold has been recycled and reused. Jewelers and especially custom jewelers reuse precious gemstones routinely in their work. For centuries, in fact, jewelers have reused gemstones which were primarily for the royals and the merchant princes of the day. Precious gemstones have always been in short supply. They have been passed down through families and sold to recover investment as long as they have existed. Gemstones have been removed from their settings in jewelry and reset in new designs as fashion and ownership changed for centuries.


Recycling Diamonds and Gemstones

Even today Custom Goldsmiths ( such as myself btw :) reuse family heirlooms and restore or redesign saints gemstones on a regular basis. There is no better way to maintain the value of gemstones and precious metals than to recycle and reuse them in new works of jewelry. By adding labor in the form of craftsmanship, especially that with artistic merit and fashion relevance, a good jewelry designer can bring new life to old, dated, or damaged pieces. Gemstones can be re-polished, reset, and repurposed countless times while making them more personal and beautiful at each turn.

Diamonds, in particular, are the perfect example of a gemstone that is often passed down from generation to generation. Resetting a family diamond in a new engagement ring or wedding ring is often the most cherished and personal way to honor a beloved relative from a previous generation, reuse a precious gemstone and save a ton of money in the process!



Conflict-Free Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Our diamonds are conflict-free... are yours?

When it comes to buying environmentally friendly diamonds for engagement rings, making sure you're getting a conflict-free diamond is key. We can't separate the impact mining and politics have on our diamonds and getting your diamonds from a reputable source can ensure that you buy a diamond that's high quality and worry-free.  The best jewelers for diamonds in Chicago will be those who are certified and use conflict-free diamonds in their inventory. You can ask how they buy their diamonds, check to see if they're certified, and check their reviews online.  Here's where reputation counts! For example, use the world-recognized Kimberly Process to determine that we use conflict-free diamonds in all of our engagement rings.


Environmentally Friendly Jewelry, Chicago's Best

There are a few really talented custom jewelers in the Chicago area. We've been working with conflict-free diamonds and been recycling and reusing diamonds, colored gemstones, and precious metals with our Restyle since we opened our doors over 25 years ago. We're proud to be part of an environmentally friendly industry along with many other jewelry stores in Chicago.  We are artisans and experts who care about people and the world we share. It's a Chicago tradition that we are proud to share.


Work with us to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

We specialize in making custom engagement rings using raw materials or by using your own heirloom to restyle. Whether you have a style in mind or need a bit of guidance, our designers take you through the process step by step and create one of a kind pieces that last a lifetime.

PH 847-733-0656

I could not be more pleased with my experience at Christopher Duquet! I came looking for a custom, nontraditional engagement ring. What we came up with turned out better than I could've imagined! Vili walked me through everything step-by-step, asking about my fiance's style, showing me multiple stones and styles and explaining the pros and cons of each, all while considering my budget. After coming up with a design, CD sent me computer renderings and showed me a wax model of what my ring would look like, and even suggested modifications along the way. The staff there are artists first and foremost and I never felt pressured to spend more than my original budget. We get compliments on the ring by everyone who sees it. I highly recommend Christopher Duquet for anyone looking for a professional experience and a one-of-a-kind ring. We revisited them yesterday looking for wedding bands and can't wait to see what they come up with! – Shaun W.

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