Little Diamond Earrings, A New Collection

by ml_visionstarts

Little Diamond Earrings a New Collection by Christopher Duquet


Our Newest Collection is Our Oldest Collection

I have been making "little diamond earrings" for decades and have explored this minitive realm of beauty and individuality without connecting the dots (so to speak) until now. This newest collection is perhaps the oldest collection and the freshest collection all at once. Each piece here is not connected by style, although there are many variations of each style. These pieces are not connected by material or motif, but are connected by scale. After all, little diamond earrings are actually all little. They are all set with Diamonds – as are many earrings – but because they are little they are all demure, understated, sexy and sophisticated. Don't get me wrong, there is room for BIG diamond earrings too but this is not that. This is little like an italian sportscar little or a little black dress is little. Little in this case very good.

–Christopher Duquet

From modern to vintage, from white to rose gold, from flowers to stars, I invite you to explore our biggest collection yet...

Decades in the Making

Just for fun, here are some of our other collections. See if you can spot any more Little Diamond Earrings. There's more to discover! 

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