Diamond Certificates and Appraisals

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Diamond Certificates and Appraisals

There is a difference between Certificates ( Grading reports ) and Appraisals. A Grading report is made to state the quality, measurement, and nature of a gemstone.

An Appraisal should include this information as well as stating the VALUE. An appraisal is typically not written by a gem lab, but by an appraiser. In the Jewelry industry Appraisers should have a high degree of expertise and education including a Graduate Gemologist degree from the G.I.A. There are no laws or licensing for Jewelry appraisers so it is important to know the qualifications of whom you choose to work with. The Bottom line is TRUST. An ethical trustworthy professional will be an asset in all cases.

Also remember that Grading reports are a Subjective opinion of the professional making that report and is subject to some variation between graders. Generally the higher caliber the Laboratory the more consistent the report.

There are different types of certificates, some are better than others!

GIA, The gold standard.

A diamond certificate, sometimes called a grading report, is a complete evaluation of your diamond that has been performed by a qualified professional. Each diamond has its own individual characteristics listed on the certificates.
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Other certificates...

EGL, Gemologist Laboratory
HRD, Antwerpt
AGS, American Gem Society
IGI International Gemological Institute
PGS Professional Gem Sciences

Learn a bit more about all of these certificates and how they compare... 

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