Stacking Rings Infinite Combinations And Personal Style

Stacking Rings Infinite Possibilities

What are stacking rings anyway?

A stacking ring is any ring that you can easily wear with another ring. They’re often worn in combinations of three or more which means that a collection of stacking rings gives the wearer the ability to create multiple combinations. A stacking ring collection is the ultimate in personal style and versatility. You can mix styles, metals, precious gemstones, and custom designed pieces that can be added throughout your lifetime to create a personal and versatile ring collection that is truly one of a kind.

Infinite combinations, the ultimate in personal style

Stacking rings can be classic, vintage, modern or combination of almost anything you can think of. Every culture and period has a representation of the ring. In fact, the band ring was one of the first pieces of jewelry to become popular. Some of the earliest bands and rings were found in ancient Egypt, where they were used with a variety of precious and decorative metals in the form of armbands or rings. Greeks and Romans also embraced this jewelry, with each culture using them as highly personal representations of their owners.

Modern-day Stacking Rings are no exception, they are being made with a variety of materials using traditional jewelry making techniques and can be personalized with custom designs. The best stacking rings are durable and made with precious metals. If it’s meant to be worn every day, it’s important to choose a material that will withstand wear and tear. Integrity in design and attention to detail is important when designing your stacks. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold stacking ring collections, for example, can be easily maintained and stand the test of time. The variations in color and textures make for exciting combinations and variations in design, let alone the addition of precious gemstones.

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Adding Diamonds Sapphires, And Other Gemstones To Your Stacking Rings Collection

It’s important to consider what type of gemstones to use when you’re building your stacking rings collection. Diamond stacking rings, sapphire stacking rings, and ruby stacking rings, are the most durable of the gemstone varieties. Softer gemstones can be worn but can be damaged by hard wear, so using hard materials improve the lifetime of any ring, especially band rings. Each of these gemstones are beautiful additions, they can be designed as eternity bands or with just one gemstone set delicately within the band. As part of a stack you can mix the gemstone bands with each other to create a gemstone studded stack or on either side of a stack to create the illusion of one ring.


Innovation in Jewelry Design Means Limitless Possibilities

Styles of rings, stacking rings included, have evolved over the centuries and especially in the last few years with the dawn of computer-aided design and 3d printing. Designs can be made now that were once too time-consuming, difficult or even impossible to make.

CAD/CAM creation has become the dominant form of state of the art jewelry design in the world. The ability to draw and illustrate ideas in photo-realistic fashion has also transformed the communication process of creation, and of custom jewelry in particular. We use every technological innovation we can and there are many, as well as traditional goldsmithing techniques, polished over decades of use and development to create our collections and the Stacking Rings Collection uses every bit of our skill and imagination.

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