Engagement Ring Trends of 2018

Engagement Ring Trends 2018

Can engagement rings be trendy?

Engagement ring trends and Jewelry trends in general ebb and flow on their own cycle and timetable. Fashion may change every season, but fine jewelry changes much more slowly. Perhaps it's the nature of things that are more durable to last longer “in trend” and change at a slower pace. Engagement ring styles definitely change, but sometimes the change is so glacially slow that it is hard to pin down the moment things evolve. Occasionally a Hollywood starlet or royal family member will spark a new “thing”, and cause a  sensation for an instant and sometimes that instant can last for months or years. Sometimes not. More often street style evolves independently, and astute celebrities capitalize on their awareness. There are also many trends and regional preferences going on simultaneously. What is a popular fine jewelry trend in one country or even one city may not be as relevant in another country or city or demographic.


2017 vs 2017 Engagement Ring Trends, a Delicate Balance

2018 is a continuation of 2017 and many of the current trends in engagement rings in Chicago are continuations of older trends as is always the case. After a number of years of popularity, Vintage engagement ring styles are still the most popular engagement ring design group. The direction of Vintage Engagement rings and engagement rings, in general, is delicate. Delicate is the single most important characteristic of most of the engagement ring styles today. In every shape and color, a delicate scale is a unifying element.


Diamond Engagement Rings are Golden

Diamonds still rule the market, and the white metals are still the most popular, especially platinum. Yellow gold is finally making a comeback after many years in less demand and rose gold is also trending up which is to be expected since the midwest general trails the European continent and these colors of metal have been definitely more popular there.

Popular Diamond Cuts

Diamond cuts or “shapes” change slowly over time and currently, in the midwest, round brilliant diamonds are still number one. Cushion cut diamonds remain popular and oval diamond engagement rings are back on the scene after a long absence. Emerald cuts and now Asher cuts for the last couple of years are also in play. Rose cut diamonds are starting to get more popular especially in the younger bridal demographic and the alternative inclined.

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Alternative Engagement Rings in Chicago


Alternative Engagement rings are a strong new category in the Chicago Engagement ring market. Alternative and mean many things and they are all variations on the traditional interpretation of the classic style. Alternative gemstones, especially sapphire are in demand. Many young couples, in particular, prefer depleted colored, or pastel colored sapphire as an alternative engagement ring gemstone.

Negative trends are also worth noting. Generally, the more popular a trend the more likely it will eventually lose its appeal and when it does it is usually a severe drop in preference while other trends rise to fill the gaps. Princess cut diamonds were the hot ticket for a number of years and are now very quiet. Round diamond halos got so popular recently that they had to crash and they did. The halo style has evolved and become much more varied in shape, usually very feminine and a bit more intricate. Big and chunky was the bomb a number of years ago, it is far from the trend now and essentially the opposite of what most future brides have in mind.

Today, as in the past there are multiple trends both sending and descending in popularity. At the end of the day, it is about individual taste and preference. To be aware of the trends is to be educated about your choices, to follow them without question would be foolish.

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