Light, Delicate Jewelry and Alternative Engagement Rings by Christopher Duquet

by Alejandra

Ultralight and Delicate Jewelry Design | Christopher Duquet

With the advent of new technology and in reaction to the “chunky” designs of the 1980s and 1990’s a more refined and precise design aesthetic emerged. This style or approach adopted a more classic promotion and became the fashion trend that dominated jewelry design ever since. Vintage and classic designs soon repacked the modern styles that were dominating the imagination of many jewelry designers. As that trend became popular and the status quo, a need to innovate emerged.

Delicate Jewelry and the 'Brooklyn' Effect

Gradually and then all of a sudden, very delicate “ultralight” designs became possible. Over time, a new direction in jewelry design became visible. Partly inspired by technology, but more so the “street” and the Brooklyn effect in particular.

It seems this ultralight style has become the latest place/style to influence fashion and jewelry design. Not unlike Seattle in the 90’s grunge period, light and airy jewelry has the counterculture vibe. New York may be the center of the known universe, but Brooklyn has the youthful, “just about to break out” thing going for it.

Partly as an economic necessity, and partly as an iconographic style, the image of ultralight styled jewelry became ethereal and delicate and “ultralight”. Less metal, fewer gems, often less labor, it is an affordable alternative to the gem heavy styles of midtown Manhattan. Even when you are a trendsetter, you don’t always have an unlimited budget after all.

You can see more examples of our ultralight jewelry designs in our Alternative Engagement Rings and Stacking Rings Collections.

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Trendy, Delicate, and Here to Stay

So, 'ultralight’ jewelry design is now the alternative style for the generation. The internet is all in and Instagram is exploding with super delicate, and often break out designs. Fashionistas have embraced this trend, which has resonated with women of every age. Its delicate lines and ‘everyday jewelry’ look has made this trend timeless.

Look for delicate, edgy, alternative designs to make inroads and influence the major jewelry houses this year and next. There are multiple trends every year, and this one is sure to be out front in the mix of new jewelry designs that capture our imaginations.


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