Alternative Engagement Rings: Endless Design Possibilities

by Christopher Duquet

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Alternative Trends

One could say that Alternative Engagement rings are trending. In fact they have been around a long time. Princess Diana wore one of the most well known and iconic Alternative Engagement rings in recent history. Her Sapphire ring inspired many others to expand the genre and use the opportunity for creative expression.

Not Your Usual Diamond Cut

Sapphires and Rubies are in fact great gemstone choices for an engagement ring because they are not only beautiful, but very durable as well. Sapphire and Ruby are both a 9 in Mos Hardness. Sapphires come in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes, and are generally less expensive than diamonds of similar size. All of these factors make these gems very popular and excellent alternative engagement ring options.

Most diamond engagement rings are set with round brilliant diamonds. There are many reasons to love round diamonds, but many other diamond cuts that are beautiful and more unusual. Antique cutting styles are enjoying a resurgence and gaining popularity. Old Miner cut diamonds, European cut diamonds, Rose cut diamonds, rough diamonds, and other shapes are available to consumers who are savvy enough to be aware of them.

White, or near colorless diamonds are by far the most common color of diamond are considered the norm, but there are other colors of diamonds and they are also surging in popularity. Many of these colors are very interesting. Some are very rare, and very expensive, like pinks and blues, some are actually less expensive than white diamonds. Champagne, chocolate, grays and top light brown colors are typically less in cost than similar size fine white diamonds that dominate the market.

Designs Without a Center Stone

Not every engagement ring even has a center stone at all. There are different approaches to ring design that can serve as an engagement ring. Most people in the United States and elsewhere consider any ring worn on the left hand ring finger as a “commitment ring,” which includes engagement rings and wedding rings. A few countries like Greece and Columbia wear their engagement rings on the right hand. One could say that the design of the ring is less important than the location!

Some of the alternative design approaches to the classical engagement ring include,  diamond eternity bands, stacking rings, cluster style rings, and “no center stone” rings. Styles can range from vintage to classical to modern to "Hot Mess."

At the end of the day, anything you decide works... Works. The only advice that everyone designing an engagement ring should keep in mind is that it should be made of durable gemstones, durable metal and have an aesthetically durable design that brings pleasure to the wearer. The best rings will last as long, and be an enduring symbol of the love they represent.

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