Art Deco Redux: A Jewelry Origin Story

by Christopher Duquet

Art Deco Redux by Christopher Duquet ... Inspiration

In the Beginning…

When I was a young boy, some of my favorite times were drawing. We had matchbox cars and model airplanes and I love to play with them and draw my own improvements. I loved to draw planes and cars and buildings that were futuristic and filled with fantasy. Later I would discover architecture and become entranced by Frank Lloyd Wright, Corbusier, and other midcentury masters of form. When I got to high school I began experimenting with metal in art class. My work was primitive and undisciplined but greatly influenced by those early experiences.


art deco jewelry inspiration christopher duquet chrysler buildingThe Inspiration for Art Deco Redux

Steadily and surely I would find my calling in jewelry design and discover my style. Sometimes, I think I have unconsciously been channeling Art Deco and mid-century aesthetics this whole time. The strength of form and confidence of this era still resonates with me and seems also to be alive and well with many others.

This new collection, Art Deco Redux, is my reinterpretation of the wonderful period of the 20th century when we were confident in the future and our imagination was inspired by the geometry of our own creations. Viewed from above and many decades later it’s my intention to add and subtract to this aesthetic; to create a unique vision and collection of jewelry, as art, that conveys the emotional well-being of this period and brings it to a relevant and beautiful place.
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