Sapphire Radiant Cut Ring with Diamond Accents

Sapphire Radiant Cut Ring with Diamond Accents Alternative Engagement Rings Collection by Christopher Duquet

Sapphire Radiant Cut Ring with Diamond Accents

The Details...

This Art Deco style design features a gorgeous Sapphire center stone with step cut diamond trapezoids and straight baguette diamond accents.

The Story...

This blue sapphire engagement ring is a forerunner of today’s alternative designs. It’s an Art Deco inspired design that features a blue sapphire emerald cut center stone. We think of alternative design as a recent phenomenon, but the truth is that it has always been around. Sapphires, in particular, have been popular in bridal jewelry for decades. Why not, after all, they are beautiful, durable, and available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Not only that, they are generally less costly than diamonds of similar sizes. The color of a fine sapphire can be explosive. Blue is after all the number one favorite color of most people. The range of colors and variety of intensities is amazing. From colorless to midnight black just in blue alone, and there are many other colors too! Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, violet, orange, just to name a few. If you love colors, you’ll love sapphires, and it makes the perfect alternative engagement ring gemstone.

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