Fireworks Collection — The Inspiration Behind the Jewelry

by ml_visionstarts

Fireworks | Collection

Explosions of Light and Energy

There is an unavoidable childish delight evoked by choreographed explosions of light and energy. There is a sudden change that happens when a firework goes off—matter is instantaneously transformed from one state to another. The furious sound and joyful blaze of molecules being ripped apart is beautiful and mesmerizing.

The patterns of light we see in fireworks are infinitely varied, but somehow always recognizable. Their characteristic shapes bring geometry and randomness together to create ecstatic visuals that last for a moment and disappear forever. Creating this collection, I became obsessed with capturing those fleeting moments. Taking those transient forms and freezing them into solid, sparkling shapes was an irresistible challenge.

Capturing Moments Frozen in Time

Gemstones and precious metals are my medium of choice, and they seem like the perfect materials for building permanent allegories to the joyous brevity of these explosions in the sky. The brilliance that emanates from a well-tended gemstone is its own intense and awe-inspiring show of light.

Willow Fireworks Ring—the Moment Just After the Burst

Diamond Willow Fireworks Ring hand heldDiamond Willow Fireworks Ring hand heldDiamond Willow Fireworks Ring on hand

Many of these moments are captured in this collection. One of the examples is the Willow Diamond Fireworks Ring. This ring was inspired by that cascading light display—with trails of bezel set diamond stars set along the elongated, golden trails to curve around the natural shape of the finger. Set in white gold, each of its diamond accents were hand selected to fit exactly into the white gold ‘light’ trails creating an asymmetrical burst of exploding diamonds.

That Summer Glow—Colorful Gems to Light up the Sky

Fireworks are all about color and light. Here we represented color with beautiful gemstones like Rhodolite Garnets, Emeralds and soft, luminous South Sea and Akoya Pearls. The ‘light bursts’ that radiate around the centers are all asymmetrical here, using the diamond accents in varied sizes to create movement. You can see in each of these pieces the moment right after the explosion where the trails of light shoot away from its center and begin to form their own uniquely shaped light show.

Fire Flower Rhodolite Garnet and Diamond Fireworks Necklace on handDiamond and Emerald Bouquet Fireworks Necklace on neckBombshell Pearl and Diamond Fireworks Earrings on ear
Bombshell Pearl and Diamond Fireworks Earrings

Speaking of Light Shows, Diamonds…

Diamonds are by far the most used gemstones in our collection. When it came to this collection we hand-selected each individual diamond before we set it to ensure balance and precision—just like a well-planned fireworks display. It’s a meticulous process that pays off in the final piece. From the original Starburst Fireworks design shown in this yellow gold pendant to the couture, one of a kind Falling Stars Couture Diamond Earrings, or the contemporary Brocade Diamond Necklace, each is a miniature light show of its own. The planning of the design began with the diamonds themselves where we then connected them in trails of yellow, rose or white gold.

Starburst Diamond Fireworks Necklace hand heldFalling Stars Diamond Fireworks Earrings hand held
Falling Stars Diamond Fireworks Earrings
Diamond Brocade Fireworks necklace on hand

Joyful Moments

This collection is designed to adorn you with the energy and joy of fireworks. A frozen moment retold forever in the patterns and tones of stunning jewels. Little pops and bursts of light to bring celebration into every moment of your life.

You can view more of from Fireworks Collection and look for our latest custom designs here.

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