The Best Engagement Rings In Chicago

by Christopher Duquet

It is a provocative question but the answer lies in the observer of course. To some it is crazy huge bling and to other understated elegance, or even a special meaningful design element. Whether it is modern, state of the art, minimalism, classic, mid-century, or vintage Art Deco there is something perfect for everyone and every couple. The perfect ring might be hard to find, so a great option is to design and customize your engagement ring yourself! – Really, with the help of a good jewelry designer you can mix styles and shapes, even color and almost any facet of a design to create the perfect “one of” for bespoke design.

While browsing jewelry stores for wedding rings in Chicago for that special someone, you are sure to find some great cushion cut diamond rings, princess cut engagement rings or even a rose cut diamond. There are so many possibilities that the mind becomes overwhelmed. Halo engagement rings are a very popular style with their vintage-inspired design that often highlights a large sparkling diamond/diamonds. Round vintage solitaire engagement rings are also very popular. However, it is also important to choose the right cut for your diamonds/stones. The cut of an engagement ring will effect how it sparkles and shines, some of the most popular cuts are princess cut and cushion cut diamonds and stones. And yet it is exciting and fascinating to collaborate on the construction of “the perfect diamond engagement ring!” Here are a few of the most popular design themes that have been seen over the years.

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